GRPC with server reflection (python-server with \"google/protobuf/wrappers.proto\")

I’m trying to test a call python grpc server with k6.

I go the following result:

stant-vus scenario=default source=stacktrace

time="2023-06-18T15:57:12Z" level=info msg="Out Header:\nFull Method: /grpc.reflection.v1alpha.ServerReflection/ServerReflectionInfo\nRemote Address:\nuser-agent: grpc-go/1.53.0\n\n" source=http-debug
time="2023-06-18T15:57:12Z" level=info msg="In Header:\nWire Length: 78\ncontent-type: application/grpc\ngrpc-accept-encoding: identity, deflate, gzip\n\n" source=http-debug
time="2023-06-18T15:57:12Z" level=error msg="GoError: can't convert method info: proto:\u00a0could not resolve import \"google/protobuf/wrappers.proto\": not found\n\tat 
reflect.methodValueCall (native)\n\tat file:///scripts/test4.js:15:17(9)\n" executor=constant-vus scenario=default source=stacktrace

What does that mean? The reflection work well for the use with postman?
Did someone also have that problem?

Hi @andife

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Could you please provide a sample of your script or at least the Client.connect part?


Hi, thank you!

import grpc from 'k6/net/grpc';
import { check, sleep } from 'k6';
export const options = {

const client = new grpc.Client();


client.load(['./definitions'], 'com.api_pred.proto', 'com.api_db.proto', 'com.base.proto');

export default () => {
  client.connect("", { reflect: true , 
     plaintext: true

Invoke is done by:

const response = client.invoke(‘com.api_pred.PrToHost/PStartModel’, data);

I can imagine that it is difficult to answer, since my information is not so complete after all.

The requested files could be found at [protobuf/src/google/protobuf/wrappers.proto at main · protocolbuffers/protobuf · GitHub](

Do I have to integrate that with client.load? Or should they be available via reflection?

Hey @andife

When you use a reflection, you don’t need to load any proto files. So basically, you don’t need to call the client.load and still should be able to call invoke. See our example there

An important thing is that reflection should be enabled on a server. Is that the case? To prove that you can for instance try grpcurl tool. And run something like:

grpcurl -plaintext list

Could you please confirm that this works?


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Yes reflection is activated on the server (and it works using postman)

Outside from docker-compose I execute

grpcurl --plaintext localhost:5001 list

and I get


Thank you

Maybe it relates to " Reflection does not work if proto contains import · Issue #32821 · grpc/grpc ("

Hi @andife

:thinking: so yeah, reflection works.

And thanks for sharing Reflection does not work if proto contains import · Issue #32821 · grpc/grpc · GitHub. It could be related, so I’ll try to investigate it more profoundly.

I’ll update here after it.


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