K6_DYNATRACE_HEADER_<here-the-header-key> is not showing at Dynatrace

I am running a load test using k6-operator with Dynatrace plug-in. Results are coming as expected with out “tags”. I saw in k6 documentation about K6_DYNATRACE_HEADER. I added multiple ENV variables at resource.yaml like as below.

value: https://********.live.dynatrace.com
value: “12345”
value: “My Application Name”

I would like to slice and dice the results using APPID and APPNAME. But Dynatrace is not showing these headers under Dimensions. Am I missing anything here. Do I need to do any changes at K6 scripts. Even Please suggest if we have the way to send “tags” to Dynatrace. Your help would be appreciated here.

Hi @ppyneni,

I am not certain the header configuration is meant to add tags.

with out “tags”.

I would probably open an issue on the extension project at this point.

I am not certain anyone from Dynatrace is following this forum :(.

It will also help if you go in more details in what the arguments you are running with are.

Thank you for your response @mstoykov! We used to use tags when running a load test at docker images. Those are reporting all tags as expected.

K6-operator + Dynatrace plugin is not showing Test-wide tags at Dynatrace. By reading the k6 documentation and community threads, I thought as per the documentation K6_DYNATRACE_HEADER_ will suffice my requirement.

Reported an issue at Github code base

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