K6 and access to localStorage of website

Hi everyone, I am new in K6 and I am learning to use it. I am trying to run some basic performance tests on Vue.js • TodoMVC.
It is a basic to-do list and it uses local storage of the browser to store the element of the list. I read in different places that K6 is not a browser and does not have any notion of localStorage.

Is there any work around to make this work?

PS: I would like to precise that the todovmc.com/example/vue is not using any HTTP request when interacting with the to-do list AFAIK

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Hi Raphael,

Welcome to the community.

We have a new product called xk6-browser that allows you to automate browser tests. It’s integrated with k6. Please take a look and tell us your thoughts.

:point_right: xk6-browser