Jwt url login error msg="Invalid JWT" error="no keys found"

The configuration is as follows,Is there a configuration error somewhere?

enabled = true
header_name = X-JWT-Assertion
email_claim = user_name
username_claim = user_name
jwk_set_file = /var/lib/grafana/jwks.json
;cache_ttl = 60m
;expect_claims = {"aud": ["foo", "bar"]}
;key_file = /path/to/key/file
;role_attribute_path =
;role_attribute_strict = false
auto_sign_up = true
url_login = true
;allow_assign_grafana_admin = false



token verified


My guess: You don’t have any kid in your header, so validation is not able to identify, which key from loaded key set should be used. There should be "kid":"f69beab1-e56b-47c2-8af5-1c5bba81caf6" for this particular setup.

There is a problem with the screenshot, I actually used the kid

Token header, not request header. Random example from the internet: