Just trying to get started here

I’ve sat down and tried this a few times, now I sware my setup has to be different to everyone else’s setup because when I go to watch YouTube videos or read the documentation it is nothing like what I am seeing on my screen.

I’m trying to do something that should be super simple. Display a graph of a value that has been collected for months on end now.

Data is being collected from a MySQL Datasource that it can see without any issues. Connecting to the database is successful. The data in the MySQL database is just the logs straight out of Home Assistant.

  db_url: mysql://hacore:7xxxxS@192.168.x.x:3307/homeassistant?charset=utf8

I’ve tried to write the query manually, but I can’t get the time side of it to work or I just don’t know what I’m doing, cuz I can get the data out of it, into a table but no graph

  last_updated AS "time",
FROM states
  `entity_id` = 'sensor.crypto_uncx_owned'
ORDER BY last_updated

welcome to the :grafana: community @nat5!

Can you share a screenshot of the panel where you’re trying to create your graph? Are there any errors shown in the UI?