Issues with embedding

Whilst I’m new to grafana I have created a small project that monitors my Internet connection by running some speed and latency tests etc… I am also using influx. My dashboard has several panels and its working fine within grafana.
I was trying to use the embedding feature to post my panels to my own apache webserver (runs on the same machine) I found a fix to get the panel to refresh as using the standard code produced with grafana would lead to the panels not updating.
Again this works locally (as anonymous user) from within my home network just using http. My website shows the panels and data updates as expected. I enabled port forwarding to my webserver but from outside my network the embedded panels aren’t displayed at all. Other info is shown on my page but just no panels.

Is there anything I can do to get the panels displayed when I’m on the external side of my network.

Thanks for any help.

Ubuntu server - latest version
Latest version of Grafana
Apache 2 webserver