Issue with table headers when exporting to CSV

Grafana version: Grafana v10.2.0
Operating system: MacOs, i am using Grafana in google chrome

  • I want to use dynamic column names as table headers and then export the table as csv.

  • I have created variables in Grafana-dashboard using below query and then used the query output as header of a column in table with the help of override variables.

  • Dynamic columns worked perfectly in a table using dashboard and override variables. However, when i try to export the table to csv, then the headers are replaced by the variable names.

  • Dynamic columns created for the table will stay exactly the same during the csv export (in Inspect option).

  • Configurations:

Query variable: header_one_week_one_year_ago

SELECT 'CW ’ || EXTRACT(WEEK FROM CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL ‘53 weeks’) || ’ ’ || EXTRACT(YEAR FROM CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL ‘53 weeks’) AS header_one_week_one_year_ago;

Panel query:

one_week_ago_2019 as “header_one_week_one_year_ago”

Override variable:

  • No errors on Grafana UI.

  • I did not follow any online instructions. I have tried to google and check inside community, but could not find anything relevant.

Thank you. I am looking forward for your responses.

Hi, I have the same issue here too.
Did you manage to find any solution to this?

I tried to find an updated image but there are no updates yet.

Hello @luketanti, no i could not find any alternate solution to this issue.


I have opened an issue on Github
Issue with table headers when exporting to CSV · Issue #79618 · grafana/grafana (

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Thank you @luketanti.