Issue while exporting data from Grafana using Grafana-Data-Exporter plugin

Hi Team,

We have a requirement for exporting data(csv/excel/xml) from Grafana Dasboard.
For same, We are using Grafana-data-exporter plugin to export the data.

But we are facing issue while exporting data.

Grafana is configured with base url but that base url is not getting appended with data-exporter.
Grafana url is http://172.xx.xx.xx:3xxx/base/so1/
but when I trigger from data exporter panel it is not appending the “base/so1/”. "
Url is coming like : http://172.xx.xx.xx:3xxx/public/plugins/corpglory-data-exporter-panel/partials/modal.export.html?v=1614665159104

Expecting it to be like http://172.xx.xx.xx:3xxx/base/so1/public/plugins/corpglory-data-exporter-panel/partials/modal.export.html?v=1614665159104

Kindly provide your inputs where I can appened the base url.

ALso, is there any other approach to export data from all panels in Grafana Dashboard.

Check this out: