Isolating the application under test

Hello, I’m relatively new to k6, although I’ve done a lot of load testing at a previous job. We run complex systems where the service accepting the http requests from k6 might fan out requests to many other services. I’m interesting in isolating the target app, perhaps by mocking the backing services, and I’m wondering if there are general strategies or common tools people have used to do this. We do have on-prem and cloud deployments, but I’m focusing on k8s and would like to spin up k6 + the target app, run tests, and shut them down.
Teams here have used strategies such as Postman mock servers, wiremock and caching proxy servers for functional testing, but I’m looking for more options.

Greetings, Bwyckoff and welcome to the forums :tada:
For a years of my work in Performance testing department, it was always the case to develop own mocking services, whatever programming language fits, I believe. Generally just using Java Spring framework for some “real quick” mock development or NodeJS.
Although it requires to be well configured to mirror real behavior of service in terms of integration.
Targeted performance tests are commonly used in pair with functional tests and this pair is called “Component Testing”.
Other than this I’m out of thoughts, perhaps someone else would advise a different approach:)