Sample scripts to use k6 and get familiar with k6 with different use cases

Hi ,
any help here please……

do you have some samples/examples scripts & execution process document which you tried load testing for different applications/tools/Databases/etc ?
some examples of load testing you did using k6 for:
a website
a java app
a python app
postgresql DB
cassandra or mongo db
elasticsearch tool
Java JVM
Go app
ruby app
rust app
.net app
node.js app
springboot app
any API load test example
any more you have, please ? especially micro-service applications, containerized tools & Databases running on k8s environment.

Also, do you have a step by step demonstration video or document on how to use k6 in gitlab pipelines job for a project/microservice ?

Hi, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You can find plenty of examples by searching the documentation, the blog or this very forum.

In general k6 can test any application over HTTP/WS/gRPC, so the examples you find will be agnostic to the backend stack used. The backend implementation is relevant for deploying and scaling the system-under-test, but not for k6 itself.

Testing different DB systems is a bit more complicated if they don’t expose HTTP endpoints, and for Redis and Kafka for example we recommend trying out the new (experimental) k6 extensions: xk6-redis and xk6-kafka. Also see this article for an introduction to xk6.

For running in a Kubernetes environment, take a look at this article. The official Docker image should work for you there.

For an example of integration with GitLab, see this article.