Is there an integration for bamboo

I saw some integration for Jenkis and other CI/CD Tools. Is there a solution for bamboo ?

Hi @nerox0,
Welcome to the k6 community forum.

Unfortunately, we don’t have yet a dedicated wiki for this integration. I opened an issue for it.

In the meanwhile, you could follow one of the already available guides for the other CI tools (e.g. the GitLab process with the relative repository). The concepts specifically related to k6 will be very similar.

You can find the tool-independent steps starting from the automated testing page that they can be briefly summarized as follows:

  • Create your performance test suite defining the thresholds then host on your favourite source code versioning tool.
  • Check out the project from Bamboo and run the tests using one of the available solutions for executing the k6 binary.

Hi @nerox0, check out the new guide to integrate k6 with Bamboo.