Is there a way to view unique dashboard views? Like a counter?

Is there a way to create a counter for specific dashboard to see which dashboards see the most views? I know you can see which users have been on recently but nothing pertaining to dashboard views.

I don’t think so, but as an alternative you can use PHP Web Stat for example by placing a text html element in your dashboard with the code that generates data for PHP Web Stat -

This would be a great internal stat to have. You could parse the access log using something like logster and then push those numbers in to a tsdb.

Are there log files that show internal access logs somewhere? If so logster would work really well for that.

In grafana.log, it shows requests. They actually show up as the referer (yes, misspelled) since the GET is usually a GET to the datasource so the dashboard is the referrer, but they do show.

Or if you have apache or nginx or some other proxy in front of it, you would have access logs from that.

I’m having trouble finding the access logs. We have grafana set up to use a mysql table on the server and I don’t see any data in any tables that looks like access log data. Below is a look at the tables I can see.

They aren’t in the database. Depends on your deploy (rpm, docker, etc) but they will be in the log directory for your deployment.