Is there a way to use a stacked bar chart for non time series data?

I’m able to create a stacked bar chart for time series data. For non time series data I do not see much documentation but I’m able to create some standard bar charts. Is it possible to create stacked bar charts also for non time series data. E.g. each bar is indicating a country and the stacks show the level of education (just something I found in internet and which is similar to that what I would like to do):


I seriously cannot find a way. I can do stacked charts with time-series as one of the components, and I can do bar charts with a single series, but nothing I’ve tried has let me do both :frowning:

Grafana, and all their panels are time dependant so, you can never get the following image :frowning: but you can considera a matrix where x-axis is time y-axis is country or education level (not both) and the value is color schema with the values (map values to colors)

I was trying the same thing. Grafana now has Bar Gauge which lets you graph non time series data, but not stacked.

which allowed me to graph one value, but not all 4. I used a variable to help provide a way to visualize the data, but not in a stacked graph

I’d be interested in a feature like this as well. GitHub issue [Feature Request]: Allow visualization of non-time series datasource data in Bar Charts · Issue #7798 · grafana/grafana · GitHub looks like it may be related and/or a dependency of this.

Change “time series” to “table” in the query editor. Then go to transform and choose “group to matrix”