Is there a way to pass multiple values to a threshold, but apply "abortOnFail" on only one of them

I’m trying to have a kind of a scenario where I have a threshold that says something like:

  • If I have more than 10% server errors (status code >= 500), threshold should fail
  • If I have more than 60% server errors (status code >= 500) for more than 2 minutes, the test should abort and fail.

Is that possible or should it be achieved with two separate thresholds?

Hi @mandja

Welcome to the community forum.

If I understand correctly, you are looking for "sliding window" thresholds · Issue #2379 · grafana/k6 · GitHub, which is not yet implemented. If that’s the case, can you upvote the issue with a :+1: And feel free to add to the discussion on GitHub as well.

Let me know if that is not what you were after.