Is there a way to install plugins via the UI?

Hi there,

I was looking to use AWS Managed Grafana Service, but when you startup a new workspace (instance) only the signed plugins are available.

I have a requirement that will need a custom datasource plugin, but I cannot see how I can install them.

I know you can install:

  • By placing the plugin code into a particular folder for grafana to pick up
  • listing the plugins in a environment variable for installation on startup

Neither of these two options are accessible for the Managed Service.

Are there other ways to install plugins? Or does anyone know if we should be able to control this on the Managed Service?

hi @fpanwaskar1,
Amazon’s managed grafana service has their own specific rules about plugins. Unfortunately, this is a question that can best be answered by support on the AWS side.

If this is a bug, they’ll reach out to us and then our squads can collaborate on it

Thank you for responding.

For anyone else interested in this area. AWS have confirmed that they do have this a feature request on their backlog, so that plugins could be configured for the AWS Grafana managed service.

They could not confirm when this would be available.

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