Is the k6 operator compatible with xk6 extensions?

I’m asking this question, as k6 cloud is not compatible with xk6 extensions, so I was wondering if the operator would let me launch those tests in my own cluster.

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I am not very familiar with the k8s operator, @simme is its author, but if it isn’t currently compatible with xk6, it should be relatively easy to make it so with some minor adjustments. Basically, you need to build a custom docker image with the extensions you want bundled in (e.g. like how @szkiba recently did with some of his extensions) and then configure the operator to use that instead of loadimpact/k6 as the k6 image

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Thanks @ned I’ll try this fairly soon then! :slight_smile:

Hi @davidgourde , @ned
I just now finished a simle tool (CLI and GitHub Action) to make bundling k6 with xk6 extension simpler.

Take a look, I hope it will helps you!


@szkiba’s work will truly be of help here! At this time, unfortunately, the k6 operator uses the official docker image, but I’d encourage you to add this as a feature request here as we definitely want to have this at some point.