Is that possible also display repeat value in status panel. (not only as title)


I’m using single status panel with repeat feature. Below is screen shot from my Templating.


I can use these value as title with syntax $function. I also want to show these text in status panel as value, and it’s not possible with same syntax. As you can see, it’s showing all the values.

It’s that possible also repeat those values in other place? I’m trying customize single status panel, I tried use templateSrc.replace(), but I got same result like my screen shot.

This is not currently possible. As you noted, the repeat panel function only takes in one template variable and there is no way of connecting multiple template variables to a repeating panel.

Maybe you could open a feature request in the GitHub repo:

Thanks Daniel.

For those who want to implement this in your own plug-in: I use templateSrv to get the repeat variable. So you can also use these repeat value in other place, not only in title.

I guess I can submit some code to enhance it later.

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