Is it possible to run k6-operator while using Typescript k6?

I am trying to use the k6-operator while my k6 code is written in typescipt, but am facing some issues. When I try to start a pod it immediately goes to STATUS Error, without providing any logs of the failure. I am using a similar yml file as the one in the example and when I am trying to run the provided example .js file it is successful. The only difference is that using my typescript tests I am using the js file under dist.

Is the operator working with transpiled typescript files? Is it possible to use bundled webpack files?

Hi @eXpLoD96, welcome to the forum :wave:

I assume you’re using Typescript template or something very similar to generate JS. Most likely there’s also a .map file generated together with JS. So this is actually a multi-file test: when you deploy script for k6-operator, you need to deploy both .js and .map. You can use k6 archive command for that - make an archive, store it in Configmap and run the test. See the details in the README doc.

Hope that helps!