Invalid metric data received: org-id cannot be 0 error


After spending 1 full day, this forum is my only hope.

I’m trying to emit some operational metrics from a dropwizard application, I am planning to use Grafana Cloud + Graphite. I’m following this example to ingest some example metrics cloud-graphite-scripts/ at master · grafana/cloud-graphite-scripts · GitHub but I always get {"status": "error", "error": "no credentials provided"} message.

I’m using as addr and generating a new token with admin rights (as described here) and set it to key variable.

I’m publishing sth like this:

curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer APIKEY" -H "Content-Type: application/json" "" -d '[{
  "name": "test.metric",
  "interval": 10,
  "value": 12.345,
  "time": 1534685580
  "name": "test.metric",
  "interval": 10,
  "value": 12.345,
  "time": 1534685590

What am I doing wrong here?

To be honest, there is no step by step walk through and maybe I’m doing something very stupid.

Thanks in advance!

This is another link I follow to make a request HTTP API | Grafana Labs

Any help will be appreciated!

Update: I managed to call the service by creating a new Graphite service from Grafana Easy start page. But now when I call service as given in the main thread, I’m getting

invalid metric data received: org-id cannot be 0

error. How can I pass org-id?

Another update, setting X-Grafana-Org-Id header doesn’t change anything, I still get

invalid metric data received: org-id cannot be 0