Interactive Globe Map Question

Hi guys, are there some plugins that help us to have an interactive globe map that can be rotated to display some locations based on longitude and latitude? I tried the 3D Globe Panel, but it has a bug with rendering and it’s also Angular (deprecated by Grafana).

apache echart 2d globes maybe?

Can we embed that on Grafana?

it is an grafana plugin

not sure how interactive it is though with displaying long/lat data


maybe this one

I have not tried this kind of visualization yet, but it seems fun with support for coordinates.

@ntkhangnguyendu, Please share if you make it work.

Which datasource do you use? Can I make this with influxDB?

Its data source agnostic

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YouTube tutorial about Data Sources:


I made the glove work showing locations. When I click on the scatter plot displaying the locations, I want it to direct me to the link of that scatter. Is it possible to do that? Do you have any ideas with this?
Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 11.48.17 AM

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@ntkhangnguyendu It’s called Event Handling and is described in the documentation.

But I am using the Apache Echarts plugin in Grafana. Can we do that in Grafana?

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