InstanceName versus instanceID in dashboards

Hi All,

ON AWS dashboard usually the titles are presenting the InstanceID (e.g. i-055677a74d5fXxxxx) how can I change it to the InstanceName (e.g. webserver1…).
I will appreciate any help.

I am running Grafana over over Prometheus and I have these lines on Prometheus config file:

  • source_labels: [__meta_ec2_tag_Name]
    target_label: instance

Not an expert on Cloudwatch at all. A quick googling, got me to this page and in the list of dimensions that you can filter by I do not see instance name, only instance id. See the section named “Dimensions for Amazon EC2 Metrics”.

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Thanks a lot!
I meant something else on how I can change the legend and the query in dashboards to show the instanceName VS. InstanceID. but eventually just found different dashboard.

Hi @zohar, you mentioned finding a different dashboard - is it one you can share? I’m looking for the same thing.


Sorry for the late response.
I started using the WorldPing set of dashboard as main dashboard and node-exporter-server-metrics dashboard for drill down. Could not change the AWS dashboard to present the instance Name.


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For anyone who ends up here, this is now possible: