Inquiry on External Page Embedding and Custom Visualizations in Grafana


I am currently exploring the advanced visualization capabilities of Grafana for a project I am working on. Specifically, I have two key questions that I am hoping to get some insight into:

  1. External Page Embedding: Is there a way to embed or open external web pages within Grafana dashboards? The goal is to integrate custom visualizations or data representations hosted outside of Grafana directly into a dashboard. If so, could you provide guidance on how to achieve this?
  2. Custom Visualizations: How feasible is it to create custom visualizations within Grafana, such as radar charts or bubble charts? I’ve attached example of the type of custom graphs I’m interested in integrating. If native support for such visualizations is not available, would it be possible to create them through plugins or other means?

If creating these custom graphs directly in Grafana is not feasible, would the platform allow the integration of an external page that displays these graphs as part of a dashboard?

Any advice, insights, or references to documentation would be greatly appreciated as I navigate the possibilities within Grafana.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

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Hey @venuarremsetty,

About this:

is this what you are looking for?

About this:

I know it’s possible to open external web pages using the “Text” panel and the HTML option. But I’ve never done that, maybe it’s an idea for you?


@venuarremsetty Apache ECharts panel support radar and bubble charts out of the box.

For the embedding there is a blog from @davidallen5.

p.s. I just realized you are asking the other way around. Then native Text or Dynamic Text panels. Instead of embedding, I would used Data source to retrieve data and implement it directly in Grafana.

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