InfluxDB2 QL Datasource

I would like to setup a datasource for influxDB2 using the QL language.
I have not found clear instructions anywhere about this but several confirmations that it is possible.
Looks like a well kept secret!
I would appreciate som help to set it up.
Thank you for supporting

There are currently 3 languages for InfluxDB:

  1. InfluxQL
  2. Flux
  3. SQL

Which version of InfluxDB do you plan to install? Please be specific as the version and type (Cloud or OSS) will dictate which of the 3 languages you can use.

The InfluxDB2 version I have installed is OSS
InfluxDB v2.7.1Server: 407fa62 Frontend: 9d25a2f

I would like to setup a data source in Grafana with the influxQL which is the same I use in influx 1.x

Thank you

For v2.7, looks like you can continue using InfluxQL. See instructions here.

In Grafana, you have to select InfluxQL when setting up the datasource:

That link doesn’t explain how to setup the datasource in Grafana with InfluxQL for influxDB2.

How about this?

I saw that one. It is incomplete and doesn’t work. You still need to add the token via an HTML heading as Authorization which is not mentioned in such document.
However, even adding the token as above described I cannot make it working.

Is there anyone that has succeeded in setting the datasource in Grafana for InfluxDB2 QL language?

For Header : Authorization
For Value: Token <token>

Thanks a Million. It works now!

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