InfluxDB lost some data

My script upload the test result metrics to an InfluxDB. However, I found that the data for InfluxDB was less than the data for testing.

Hi @bobobkb , welcome to the community forum :confetti_ball:

Were there any errors on the terminal when that happened? What version of k6 were you using? Anything strange or specific about the setup will be helpful as well.

If you can retry with -v so you get logs from the influxdb output that will likely has more info although any error should have been printed even without it :thinking:

@mstoykov Thank you for your answer.

k6 version: v0.32.0
influxdb version: v1.8.3

I retry with -v but got nothing wrong and the data was still missing.

I think you might be hitting the same problem as in K6 to influxdb with lesser http_req_duration data , where metrics have the same timestamp and influxdb drops them.

Can you try some of the fixes proposed there?