Infinity Plugin data source for a Parent Child tables with click events

I have a URL that returns a JSON.
The JSON that is returned looks like this:


        "groupID": "8a57b4f9-78cb-40c9-92f4-cf47a92d7017",
        "groupName": "DMB",
        "groupDescription": "DMB-TEST-SITE",
        "locationIDs": [
        "groupID": "f2432887-1dfc-4ca5-94eb-dca6538a9913",
        "groupName": "USA",
        "groupDescription": "USATest",
        "locationIDs": [

I want to create Two Tables. A MasterTable and a Child Table.
The Master Table:
I want to just display

  • groupID
  • first 6 letters of groupID ( so a computed field)
  • groupName
  • groupDescriptions

In the Child Table, I want to Display:

  • LocationID’s, which is an array returned in the JSON.

On a master Table click event, I want to repopulate the content of the child Table with the locationID’s.

Currently I am using the INFINITY Plugin to get the JSON data.

Can I get some sugestions on how to do this?

create a blank variable:

on your “parent” panel where you are getting the data, add a datalink on group id:


you can see in the link detail above, we are not opening in a new page, and we are populating the variable with the values from the payload.

then create the “child” panel, and display the variable:

then you get something that should look like this:


when you click on the groupid, the locations update below…

you can figure out how to get the 1st 6 letters of the group id :wink:

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thanks… I got this working. But I have a modification I have been trying to do. The Question is here: # How to make A click event on a Master Table, that will call a URL REST point with Parameter, and update a Child table?

Basically, I am trying to click on the LocationID in the child table to update another Var then update another details table pannel. Any hints? I believe I am over ridng the field, but not sure where to go from there. I even tried adding JS to the URL.

closed this one seems the same?