In the chart setting, I only have a SQL statement

Do not you know why I have a SQL statement option in the new graph setting and there is no button selection? It’s the same if I use a MySQL or MSSQL database.MsSQL

What are you expecting it to be there?


need to create a query for this table, I want to display the variable “AO1”Tabulka

Are you using Grafana v5.4? Then you should have the graphical query editor for MySQL. What database are you using?

I use the latest version of Grafana and DB MySQL. That graphic editor must be embedded as New Data Sources? I only have DB My SQL.

If you upgraded Grafana from an earlier version you’ll need to create a new panel and select your mysql datasource then you’ll get the new query editor. If you have an existing dashboard from before Grafana v5.4 you should find a menu item in the hamburger menu to the right of your query that allows you to switch between raw edit mode and query builder mode.

Looking at your first screenshot seems you’re using a mssql datasource - it only have a raw query editor.

I have a new installation, we did not go from another version.
I use MySQL on Synology, as seen from the last scene. Unfortunately, I do not have any possibility to edit editing anywhere.
If someone was willing to put up a question from my table I gave it, it would be nice.
I installed MySQL on the machine where Grafana is - WIN 10, and here is just the ability to create a SQL statement.

The error was on my side, on the PC I had version 5.3 and on Rasberry 5.1 :frowning:
On the PC it is already edited using graphics, unfortunately Rasberry has the latest version 5.1. There I added charts by copying the generated SQL query in 5.4, but unfortunately the data in the graphs is not shown. Although I move the mouse pointer over the graph, the numbers are shown in the mouse but not in the chart.
SQL Query
pm_time AS “time”,
FROM test
$ __ timeFilter (pm_time)
ORDER BY pm_time

Please use the query inspector and verify the response. Paste it in here for further help.

Everything is resolved, enough to restart Grafana.
So thank you for now.
I have another problem, see another topic.