Importing custom metrics with CloudWatch integration

I am trying to import custom metrics that are emitted from my lambda functions into Grafana. According to the documentation I see two options to do this: CloudWatch integration and CloudWatch data source. I would prefer to use CloudWatch integration so that I can use promql. I am facing two problems:

  • I do not see any option to import custom metrics this way.
  • I cannot specify any other scrape interval than 5 minutes.

Is there a way to do this with CloudWatch integration or do I have to use CloudWatch data source?

Hey @thomas4c35 ,

ATM the CloudWatch integration doesn’t support scraping custom metrics. For that I’d recommend one of the two choices below:

  • CloudWatch datasource, though you’ll be querying CW directly, and metrics won’t be stored in you cloud database (Mimir)
  • The Grafana Agent has an embedded exporter for scraping metrics from CW, and writing them to any Prometheus instance, like our cloud dbs. Here are the docs

Let us know if you need any other help!

Will AWS custom metrics be available in the future with Cloudwatch integration as the other two options are not suitable for our setup?

You mean support in the integration to scrape custom CloudWatch metrics? It’s not in our plans for the time being tbh. But you can easily get to a mixed solution by using the integrations for standard CW metrics, and Grafana Agent for the custom ones (prometheus.exporter.cloudwatch | Grafana Agent documentation).