Import pre-configured dashboards from the API

Hi! We are on Grafana v8.3.1 and we are setting up the “Google Cloud Monitoring” datasource with code using Terraform like in the example here.

Is there a way to import the pre-configured dashboards for the “Google Cloud Monitoring” datasource?

I was looking at the dashboard resource which suggests that I can import a dashboard from provided with the correct json but what should I provide to import the pre-configured ones?

Thanks in advance!

welcome to the :grafana: forum, @abousias

where are you deploying to? a vm or a cluster? There are different strategies for provisioning dashboards, but they all fall short of where we would like them to be. There is a massive effort this year to properly schematize dashboards so they can be integrated into a true as-code git-ops-esque workflow.

there is also a lot of work to be done on our terraform provider. I don’t think there is a batteries-included way to, say, download and install preconfigured dashboards x,y, and z from But that would be awesome…

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@abousias Did you ever find a way to provision the dashboards that worked well for you? I was working with the Terraform provider for the first time yesterday and was able to make reasonably good progress, so I’d be happy to lend whatever Terraform / DevOps expertise I can.