Implement Graph to Home Assistant - does not refresh/update

Dear community,

I finally managed to show an average value for my Smartmeter value. For Example last 30 days.
This is working in Grafana Dashboard.

But when I want to export/share the Graph with Home Assistant, it does not update anymore.
This is the iframe i used:
iframe src=h*ttp://localhost:8185/api/hassio_ingress/NNxylGvJSyPeqZIO0D101r33iaa8JdOYWirCyQ6emyY/d-solo/TK_hpb-Vk/average?orgId=1&refresh=2h&from=1676228989639&to=1678820989639&panelId=3" width=“450” height=“200” frameborder=“0”>

I think, that the “from” and “to” values show the start end end of the timeslot. But I want the “last 30 days”, tomorrow I have the old values + 1 day for “from” and “to”.

Do I have the possibility to update the values and update the “from” and “to”?