I'm having trouble connecting Grafana to Kafka using plugins

hi guys:
I’m having trouble connecting Grafana to Kafka using plugins in my environment where Kafka and Grafana are both within the same Docker network. I have confirmed that the plugin exists in the /var/lib/grafana/plugins directory.
the plugin Kafka plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs

However, when attempting to connect to Kafka, sometimes it shows that the plugin is not available, and other times it indicates “Data source is working.” Even when the connection appears successful, Grafana’s log shows a network status code of 500 with messages like data source not found and Err: connection error: desc = 'transport: error while dialing: dial unix /tmp/plugin140420162: connect: connection refused." Additionally, when using Offset Explorer to check consumers, I don’t see Grafana listed.

Here is my Kafka connection information:
KAFKA_ADVERTISED_LISTENERS: INTERNAL://kafka:19092,EXTERNAL://${DOCKER_HOST_IP:-}:9092,DOCKER://host.docker.internal:29092

Additionally, I have tried using both kafka:19092 and kafka:9092 for the connection, and they both show “Data source is working.” However, in reality, there seems to be no data flowing into Grafana. Are there any specific configurations required in the Kafka compose file to enable the use of plugins?