I'm confuse for VUs in the test result

I am new for Performance Test and just confuse somthing .I have specific 100 VUs in the script but why the test result show only 1 min =1 mx =100 .

Hi @NginNu

Welcome to the support forum :tada:

The numbers you’re observing are correct, and are the expected behavior of k6. When you write a script, and ask k6 to execute it, it will take the defined options as its target, to decide what to do. As the documentation states, the default value for iterations is 1. Hence, unless instructed otherwise, k6 will try to execute exactly your script once. On the other hand, especially in the scenario you propose, you can think of VUs as unit of execution whose job is to ensure that they support reaching the set goal: executing 1 iteration of our script.

As k6 doesn’t need to actually spawn 100 Virtual Users to execute 1 iteration, but just 1, as you observe, it only spawns 1 VU.

Does that make more sense, and was it helpful? Please let me know if I can be of more help :bowing_man:

PS: why is 1 iteration and 1 VU the default? For debugging reasons, mostly. While writing and modifying k6 scripts, it’s useful to have it run a single execution, to ensure a quick feedback loop :+1: