I would like to migrage my plugin from GitHub to Gitlab and I need help

Hi everyone and thank you in advance for your feedback,

I need to migrate my plugin repository from GitHub to GitLab and I would like to know if it’s possible.

Could it be possible to build a release of a plugin or create a plugin using GitLab instead of GitHub?

Is there a .gitlab-ci.yml file equivalent to the ci.yml and release.yml files for the automated workflow?

Thank you again for you help.

Welcome @frankroos

your question is more gitlab related than grafana. But that said here are some steps you can try

Hi @frankroos we currently only offer some templates for release for github actions. The steps are simple and you can try to reproduce them in gitlab CI solution

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Thank you for you feedback @yosiasz.

I already know how to create a project. I’m looking for some CI/release templates to use with GitLab.

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Thank you @academo.

I will try to reproduce ci.yml and release.yml for GitLab.