I cant sum the values in Grafana

Hello Guys,

I am using Grafana with the help of InfluxDB to visualize the data of a weatherstation. I was saving data after each 5 min to influxdb. But now i want to visulaize the data pro day.

For this I have used the following query:
SELECT sum(“rain”) FROM “M1” WHERE (“nodeID” = ‘n_10’) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time(24h)

Problem: Unfortunately i have saved the data into influxdb in string format. It should be in integer format.

Could anyone help me with a solution. I dont want to make calculation on excel, its time taking and i have a lot of data.

Thank you.

Hi @hswt451muh. Are you able to use the transform function ‘convert field type’?

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Its not appearing in my Grafana. How can i bring this ?

The tab after the query tab. What version of grafana do you have.

But really you should fix the data type and not resort to transformation because since it is now string anything can be written to it such as “mickey mouse” and you cannot convert that to int

Yes. Transform tab is there. But convert field type is missing.

Grafana : V8.1.1