I am unable to add IN condition to MySQL query

Hi, first time Grafana user here. I am amazed on how the product works and feels, but I stumbled into my first issue.

I am using MySQL driver (no problem there) and when I am building a query I want to add IN condition, which Grafana offers, but I am not sure how to separate the strings.

Using comma does add space in between the strings, but it does not split them into 2 making the WHERE condition wrong.

Can you please let me know what separator should I use? I tried reading up the docs, but I couldn’t find an answer, only that it’s possible to use variables somehow in the IN condition, but I don’t want to complicate it, as I just want to make score cards for each individual carrier so most likely I do not need to use variables.

Thanks for any advice. :slight_smile:

PS: Yes, I am aware that I can write the query manually, however I would like to use Query Builder where possible - to me it feels kinda better, maybe I am wrong, keep in mind that it’s my first time using Grafana.