HX diagram in Grafana

Hello grafana community,

I’ve only been dealing with the topic of Iobroker and Grafana for a few months, but I find the whole thing very exciting because there are countless possible applications.

When implementing moisture monitoring, however, I reach my limits, you may be able to help me.

I want to monitor a room with a temperature and humidity sensor.
Programming a panel with the historical values ​​in Grafana is no problem.

I would show the whole thing in an HX diagram.
But I can’t do that.

Is there a plugin for an HX diagram?
Can I integrate the HX diagram as a background image?

Thank you for your help !


Welcome to the forum. Do you mean a diagram like this?

I have never seen something like this in Grafana (either as a plug in or as a background that you can plot your data over).

Yes, that is the diagram I want to use.