"http status code" is "outside range 200 to 200" not work as expected

Questions about the behaviour of Grafana alert conditions.
If I set an alert with is outside range 200 to 200 for probe_http_status_code, I get Alerting but no notification fires.


In detail, the following is the reason.
I was using Prometheus to monitor probe_http_status_code.
So, in the Grafana alert condition settings, I had set “is outside range 200 to 200” as follows.

If the http_status_code was 0, the notification fired as expected, but if the error was a 5xx error, the notification did not fire, even though it was Alerting.
I was stumped, so I set it to above 201 and below 199 as follows.

If anyone knows about this phenomenon, please let me know.
Thank you.

Hi! I just wrote a unit test for 500 outside range 200 to 200 and it passed as expected. Is it possible that the second alert that fired did not send a notification due to either group_wait, group_interval or repeat_interval in your notification policy?

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Thank you for your reply.
I don’t remember setting it up that way, but I will check.