Http api: timepicker missing in snapshot

I’m creating new snapshot using http api, but when opening snapshot in browser there is no timepicker in header line.

Next I created dashboard via HTTP api using same dasboard json what was used in snapshot creation. Timepicker was shown. After that I took snapshot via UI, and the timepicker remains.

I am using version 4.2 of Grafana.

Question is how can I make heading row timepicker visible when creating snapshot via HTTP api?

tnx Marko

Hi, is there any response to this? I think the actual version that Marko used is 4.4.1. This is somewhat surprising as I’m fairly sure we had it working with previous versions…


looks like this is same behaviour what is described here:

It was ‘fixed’ by adding
“originalUrl”:“some uri”
block inside dashbord block.

This is little bit confusing, since I cannot find any reference to dashboard.snapshot structure in Grafna Http Api documentation (


Hi, how what did you do to be able to take snapshot using api ?