HTML Text Box Javascript

I am trying to embed some javascript into a text panel item but it is not showing. I literally see a blank box. The goal is to implement this simple embedding javascript for

You can see my website live at Whenever I look at the elements I see that the script CSS is set to not display with CSS from user agent stylesheet. What’s going on and how can I show Javascript to embed this Google Maps and APRS data per the linked website?

Why would you want your script to be visible? It is not a html element that should be visible (like the input tag for example). That is not the reason it is not working.

This is the reason:

All the script is doing is creating an iframe so you could just look at embed.js and figure out the parameters and create the iframe directly. Something like this:

<iframe name="aprsfi_map" id="aprsfi_map"' width="600" height="400" src="//" /> 

Or google for a way to solve the error.

Wow thanks @daniellee. I totally missed this and you’re correct. That code worked fine. I’ve contacted the developer to make sure we’re on the same page with the terms of use and implementation of this code. I appreciate it! It helps to have this direction such that I can actually Google for relevant info to help out.