How to View graph in PST timezone?


I installed grafana on my server and my server time in pst , but when i creating any graph in grafana dashboard the time in IST format.

I want to see my grafana dashboard in pst format , I looked at the preference section and try timezone by their but no use.

Here is details once again
My browser time - IST
Server time - PST

Anyone can provide me help in this issue?

What Grafana version do you use?
What data source do you have?

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you will have to set your browser to PST to view it in PST

PST is not here only UTC, local browser and default.

@flopp - its grafana version 5.4.2 .
data source - prometheus

The time in your data source has to be UTC.
For instance, if you are recording data right now at around 12:57PM PST then the time value in your source has to be 8:57PM UTC…