How to use pre-configured Dashboards and Plugins in Grafana

Dear Community members :wave: ,

I have created this video tutorial on how to use the pre-configured Dashboards and Plugins in Grafana :grafana:

It is meant for users who are new to Grafana OR might not know about this feature to save their time :timer_clock:

It contains the guides:

  • how exactly to find and download the pre-configured Dashboards correctly.
  • how to import it into Grafana
  • how to search for a plugin (free, community-based, commercial, or enterprise)
  • how to install a plugin

Some small corrections regarding plugins

  • All commercial plugins are always free to use as they do not require any additional fee. Also, the services they interact with may even be free to use too, but the company will have some monetization strategy based on the service.

  • Whereas the Enterprise plugins are available in all tiers of Grafana Cloud including free

Link to Blog:

Link to video

I hope you find this helpful :slight_smile:

@usman.ahmad Thank you for highlighting the Apache ECharts Panel.

Keep your videos coming. They are very helpful for the Community.

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