How to use Loki with free tier?

If I understand the offer of the free tier correctly, it also offers Loki up to a total of 50GB? Is that right? How can I then use Loki e.g. what is the endpoint onto where logs have to be sent?

Hi @papanito - that’s correct, the free tier currently includes 50GB of logs with 14 day retention (30 days on the Pro plan).

The following guide should help you get started: Gathering logs from a Linux host using Promtail | Grafana Labs

Thanks for the link, unfortunately I don’t see Onboarding (looks like a lightning bolt) :frowning:

@papanito it looks like you need to enable the new free tier on your existing account:

  • Go to the gear: Configuration → Users
  • Click on ‘Manage Users on’ which will take you to your management portal.
  • Up top, click ‘Start Free Trial’. This will provision your full Grafana Cloud Stack for the free tier, we just provide you with 14 days to play around with all the Pro features and then automatically move you to the free plan.

If for some reason that doesn’t work, log into and open a support ticket and we’ll help you out.

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thanks a lot @daviddorman starting a free trial helped. In addition then configs were automatically created so no manual configuration

I have the same problem.
Open a different browser tab and open Grafana Cloud. In this tab:

  1. In the side menu, from Onboarding (looks like a lightning bolt) select Walkthrough

but the lightning bolt is called “Integrations and Connections”.

It looks like Grafana Cloud comes preloaded,
in the explore > drop down I can see
“grafanacloud--logs”, -traces, etc.

To get this working I did:

  • Go to the gear: Configuration → Users
  • Click on ‘Manage Users on Grafana com’ which will take you to your management portal.
  • Under Grafana Cloud click my link
  • In the list of panels found the “Loki” one and click “Details”

This gave me the instructions and connection details to wire everything up.

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Thanks for sharing your approach @barrietreloar! Looks like those docs need some updating since we’ve changed the menu navigation naming a bit. I’ll share that observation with the Docs team!