Loki/Promtail stops collecting logs after startup

Hi everyone - total Grafana noob here so sorry if this is basic. I am working on some testing and am hoping to do some basic log collection from an EC2 instance running Linux.

I am not sure if I am doing something incorrectly, but I feel I am following the steps correctly.

If I go to “Connect data to Grafana Cloud” → Forward Metrics → Configure agent to forward existing Data → Select Loki → Send logs from a standalone host…

And follow these instructions, I am successful at getting some logs into Loki, but it is only a one time go at it. There is no live stream of logs flowing in. The only logs that show up in Grafana are the ones that occurred right when I started Promtail from terminal.

Any thoughts? Am I in the wrong place/thinking about this wrong? Should I be adding Loki as a data source from Configuration → Data Sources?

I’ve followed the steps in this doc as well, with the same results

Thanks for any and all help!