How to use Grafana with Docker - Grafana Office Hours

Grafana Office Hours #07

This is a very good session for those who wants to learn as how to use Grafana with Docker.

It will cover topics such as basic commands, docker-compose, plugin installation, configuration customization, and troubleshooting :white_check_mark:.

Feel free to ask your questions! :slightly_smiling_face:


Just added some more guides for those who are still new to Docker (or might be using Docker but not understand it very well) on how to install the Docker Engine to run the images the correct way :slight_smile:

I have created this video tutorial as well which explains the following:

  • A short introduction to Docker

  • System requirements

  • Installing Docker Engine

  • Configuring services

  • Testing

  • Uninstalling (optional if required)

Link to Video:

Link to Blog:

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