How to update version of grafana in webaccess?

i wanna use HTML Graphic in grafana and import it to webaccess, but i can use the dashboard of grafana because my version of grafana is V6.2 but HTML Graphic required version >= V8.2, please give me the way to fix it

Hey @maiducphuc2001, welcome to the community.

Two solutions for you:

First, consider upgrading your grafana. If you can by yourself, referrer to the docs on Upgrade Grafana | Grafana documentation . But you mentioned the “webaccess” in a way that it seems like a proprietary tool… Then if that’s the case, you should ask your vendor for support to upgrade as you need.

IT’S PROBABLY ISN’T GOING TO WORK, BUT… Second, if your job depends on it, I’d think about installing the Grafana 6.2 in a test environment, downloading the *.zip of HTML Graphic from github and hacking it’s “src/plugin.json” to make it “installable” on 6.2 and trying to install and see if it works, then after confirming that it worked as intended, make a backup of your current grafana in production and applying it.

There’s some things you’ll need to consider:

1st: a minor Plug-in for a bigger software would be developed using some underlying tools of the software. So, the HTML Graphic plug-in depends on features that are on your grafana from 8.2 and these features would be not available.

2nd: HTML Graphic is a Community Plug-in and isn’t directly supported from grafana, if you wish to sponsor or ask the author to support an older version of Grafana, you should ask here, on plugin’s author issues site: Issues · gapitio/gapit-htmlgraphics-panel · GitHub

I hope you consider upgrading your gradana, and if it’s not possible then consider not using the desired plug-in.

I’ll close this topic since there’s not much more to say on the case, and the theme could generate a lot of unwanted/unnecessary discussion.