How to total all entities in Graph

I have a graph with 12 different items measuring current power usage of some smart plugs I have. I would like to have a total of the Min, Average and Current Fields so I can see what the total power usage at any given time. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

for this you need another panel.

Thanks. How do I total the entities in another panel?

I’ve been trying, I thought it was easier, but I have not succeeded,
What datasource are you using?


Im using an influxdb Datasource. I have been searching the internet for an answer but I cant find anything. I really just want a little visualisation that just adds the Wattage of each entity to one total.

Firstly, what is the query you use to get the value for one entity (please
paste the query as text instead of a screenshot if you can)?

Secondly, what is the difference between the queries for each of the 12 data
sources? It is a tag in the InfluxDB, is it a different table, or what?

My guess is that you need to create a single composite query which adds the 12
values together in Influx (not in Grafana) so that Grafana then has a total
value to display.

To help you work out how to do that we need to see what query you’re currently
using and how it varies from one power device to the next.