How to test queuing service performance from a transaction

Question - I’m looking for a way to test how fast our queuing service reacts to completing a transaction.
Background - We are moving from AWS to OnPrem environment. I want to get a baseline of AWS UAT vs OnPrem UAT environments by performing a transaction that reacts with a service handler which engages AWS SQS queuing service.

So essentially create a new customer, which uses a certain service handler which reacts with the queuing service. Queuing service completes the request and in turn creates the customer. The queuing service we use is SQS (simple queuing service) for both AWS and OnPrem.
I wanted to perform that using the K6 recorder. Extract the code from - Performance testing for developers, like unit-testing, for performance. Paste in to VSC. Then refactor the code a bit.

In steps, here’s what I mean - from the web site UI: navigate to the customer creation page → start the k6 recorder->click the button to start the customer creation process (which is one form-fill with one line to add customer name) → click the “Add” button-> the service handler tells SQS (in AWS land) to put that request in queue->Request gets processed-> from the UI page automatically refreshes with the new customer newly created. Stop the K6 recorder.

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You may find you need to start the recorder before navigating to the initial page as there may be dynamic tokens generated on that initial GET that are needed to perform subsequent requests, particularly ones that involve data creation (i.e. POST et. al.).

Unless the page refreshes automatically as a result of some client-side JavaScript (e.g. setTimeout()), you may find this refresh is triggered as a result of a push from the server, e.g. via a WebSocket message. If that’s the case, the script may need to simulate this part as well.

If you’re able to share a URL and steps (PM if you don’t want to share it publicly), we can have a closer look and advise on best approach. In any case, you should be able to do this with k6.

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