How to subtract from one value another value for the same metric

I am not very strong in Grafana, please tell me if it is possible to take two specific points on the graph and get their difference. I will explain what is required. There is a metric of water consumption and on its basis it is necessary to write a dashboard where the consumption will be recorded by month, for example, in December it was xxx cubic meters, and in January yyy cubic meters. Is it possible to implement this in Grafana, or is it impossible for me to do it?

no, doing processing of two different data points is not possible or it is extremely difficult to configure a workaround


Have a look at this :

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i would not install a very early and full of bug reports plugin from strange source.
if it is just adding same dataset values up then you can use a formula with non_negative_difference and a goup by 1M
thanky you