How to show microsecond in Dashboard

Dear Community,
I have a project to monitor power quality, the data in my psql is in microsecond format, however it seems that grafana does not support displaying time to microseconds to draw a graph, can anyone help me how to draw it ? 1 graph with a time origin of 0ms as shown below
My input data is of the form 1711078314193001 and I want to use 11 columns of triggertime data as the origin in the X axis (0ms).
thanks everyone

Thank you @sowdenraymond ,
However, as I see it, it seems that the problem has not been completely resolved in the above topic. Can you give me another suggestion to do this? Sorry, I’m new so there are many things I still don’t know about grafana

The issue is not yet sorted, as from what I understand, javascript itself does not support these time intervals yet

Thank you very much, but there is still a problem: can the chart in grafana receive a column of non-time data as the x-axis value like this comment?

First, convert your time data to a format that Grafana supports, such as UNIX time format (time in seconds since epoch). You can do this, for example, using the to_timestamp function in SQL. Then, when setting up the graph in Grafana, use this converted time as the X-axis. This can usually be done by selecting the appropriate option in the graph settings. If Grafana doesn’t provide the ability to use microseconds directly, this would be the easiest way to achieve your goal.

Thank you for your answer, of course I tried to do it that way and the result was not as expected