How to set time_from in Timepicker Buttons

I am currently using InfluxDB as my database. I am unsure of how to set the time_from value to be the current time. When I click the dropdown for the time_from option, no options pop up.

Welcome @nnsensor to the Grafana forum.

In your InfluxQL query, try adding this after the FROM clause in order to have the time picker window work with your query:

WHERE $timeFilter

You can also try this:

WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval) fill(previous)

EDIT: I just noticed this in your screenshot. If you change this to one of the standard Grafana visualizations, does the query with WHERE $timeFilter give you a graph of your data?

I used

WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval) fill(previous)

but i get a GROUP BY needs a aggegate function error.

I go not get a graph not my data.

Can you share a portion of your test data here so we can help you build the query?

I just want 3 buttons that say “Turn Left” “Turn Right” and “Breathe In”
If there is something wrong with my test data database, please let me know as well.