How to remove all references to a plugin

Hi, I’m running grafana version 5.0.0-pre1 on windows (which I built from directly from github to be able to include MSSql support). I’ve been playing around with it and installed the mtanda-histogram-panel plugin. When I tried to add one of these panels, grafana displayed an exception error. This is not the problem.

The panel never appeared, so I simply removed the plugin as it doesn’t work under windows. This worked without any problems.

The problem is that every time I open the panel to edit it or view it, I get an error saying it cannot find the histogram plugin.

So, is there any way to ‘clean’ the configuration and remove references to this plugin?

Is it not possible to do it via the UI? Is there no empty panel that you can remove?

Worst case then you could manually edit the json (view json, copy it somewhere, edit it and remove the panel object, import it back into Grafana as a new dashboard, remove the old broken dashboard).